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Unban rules

Post  Gome on Sun Jan 10, 2010 8:00 pm

For the banished:

If you have an existing account that you made before you got banished, you can play on it. Do not make a new account if you are banished or you will be banned. For posting an unbanish me, follow the below rules as well.

For the banned:

When you post in here, be reasonable and calm. If you weren't banned for something unacceptable like hacking or exploiting, then you will likely be given a temporary ban - however, there are no guarantees. You'll be judged on your past conduct - if you've been in this forum before or have had many complaints lodged against you then it's likely your unban request will be denied.

Your attitude (and ability to type coherently) in this forum has a great impact on whether or not you will be unbanned. Posting in all caps, making excuses, or blaming it on your "brother" will not help. Owning up to your mistakes goes a long way, and making up bullshit stories ruins your chances. We are pretty forgiving, as long as you are not a complete retard or a consistently worthless player.

If you insist on blaming your "brother" or some other person for the bannable offense committed with your account, you are required to post a photograph of yourself with said sibling. He should be holding a sign saying "MY NAME IS (whatever) AND I AM A HUGE DUMB JERK" for your unban to be considered.

  • Do not post more than one thread.

  • Please format unban requests as follows:

    Thread title: (your in-game name) banned on (date)
    Thread contents: The circumstances around why you were banned, which admin banned you and for what reason (if known) and why you deserve to be unbanned.
    Post your IP This makes it easier for an admin to look up your information.

Here are some fine examples of how not to post an unban me:

Original Subject line: Plz Unban me

Ok i will admit every thing i was useing the driver thing to shoot sideways but i swear to god i forgot about the rule plz unban me i WILL NOT DO THAT EVER AGAIN I SWEAR TO MY GRANDMAS GRAVE.
I know this is a good excuse cut i am new to sa-mp
ANd im really really Sorry

Name In Game Mike_Williams

plz unbann me i llove Your guys server Plz.
i really want unbaned my ingame name is moses and i was baned on 4-26-08 and the reason was for armor refil hack , but the reason i did that hack is by mistake bcuz i can turn thoes hacks off bcuz there installed and the shortcut 2 the hack is 2 and i use slang alot when i type so i did it by mistake , and for that reason i uninstalled that hack so i dont ever mess up agian and get banned , please unban me i was haveing alot of fun in the server Sad

Failure to follow these simple rules will result in your request being denied.

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