Crimes and Punishments

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Crimes and Punishments

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Misdemeanor = The officer can ticket or arrest you for these offences at his discretion.
Felony = The officer must arrest you for these offences.

General Offenses:

Accessory to a Crime - Helping a criminal with his crime. For example, driving or being in a car with someone who just tried to driveby someone would make you an accessory to murder - Half of the crime the person was an accessory to.

Loitering - This is standing in a public place for a length of time and not conducted any legal business - Misdemeanor - $400/2 mins/$200

Illegal Advertisement - This is posting an /ad and listing illegal services. - Misdemeanor - $500/1 min/$250

False Reporting - This is calling 911 for a reason other than to file a formal complaint/charge. - Misdemeanor - $1000/2 mins/$500

Public Intoxication - This is being visibly intoxicated in public. - Misdemeanor - $500/1 min/$250

Obstruction of Traffic - This is putting your body or vehicle in the roadway and blocking traffic. - Misdemeanor - $600/2 mins/$300

Obstruction of Justice - This is when someone is unable to provide a valid ID, and gives a wrong name or lies about a situation, or obstructs the lawful duty of a police officer - Misdemeanor - $500/1 min/$250

Bribing a Police Officer - Trying to pay an Officer for release or special treatment. - Misdemeanor - $1500/3 mins/$750

Prostitution - This applies to both selling and soliciting. If you ask for, look for, or engage in prostitution you are guilty of committing this crime. - Misdemeanor - $500/1 min/$250

Disorderly Conduct - Making a scene and being a disruption to the public. - Misdemeanor - $1000/3 mins/$500

Trespassing - Having been told to leave an area that belongs to the city or citizen but refusing. This can be any spot on the may, including the garage and Police Headquarters. - Misdemeanor - $600/2 mins/$400

Criminal Mischief - Damaging of property belonging to another person. This includes government property. - Misdemeanor - $1000/3 mins/$500

Destruction of evidence- Dumping or otherwise destroying evidence of illegal activities. - Felony - $2000-3000/3 min/$1000

Aiding and Abetting - Assisting a wanted criminal in escaping justice. - Felony - $2000/5 mins/$1000

Resisting Arrest - Running from an Officer on foot or fighting with an Officer who is attempting to arrest them. This includes trying to run while tazed. - Misdemeanor - $1500/4 mins/$750

Water Eluding - Swimming for long periods to avoid arrest - Felony $2500/5 mins/$2500

Assault – Threats or threat of violence against another (Yelling at someone you will kick their ass, kill them, etc…) - Misdemeanor - $1500/4 mins/$750

Aggravated Assault – Threats or threat of violence against another while wielding an object that could cause bodily harm (Having a weapon in your hand) - Felony - $2000/5 mins/$1000

Assault on a Police Officer – Threats or threat of violence against an Officer. - Felony - $3000-$4000/6 min/$3000

Aggravated Assault on a Police Officer – Threats or threat of violence against another while wielding an object that could cause bodily harm against an Officer (Having a weapon in your hand) - Felony - $4000/7 mins/$5000

Battery – Unlawful touching or striking against another (Punching someone) - Misdemeanor
$2000/4 mins/$1000

Aggravated Battery – Causing great bodily harm against another (Punching or shooting someone to the point of bleeding but not death) - Felony
$3000/5 mins/$1000

Battery on a Police Officer – Unlawful touching or striking against an Officer - Felony
$2500/5 mins/$1500

Aggravated Battery on a Police Officer – Causing great bodily harm against an Officer - Felony – $6000/7 mins/$4000

Robbery - Taking money from someone by force. - Felony - $2500-3000/6 min/$3000

Wrongful Imprisonment - Holding a person against their will illegally - Felony - $3000-4000/6 min/$2500

Escape - Logging off of the server during a detention, or escaping from a vehicle after having been detained. - Felony - $3500-4000/6 min/$4000

Manslaughter - Running someone over and killing them by driving Reckless. [not intentional]- Misdemeanor- $2000/6 min/$2000

Attempted Murder - Trying to kill someone (having intent). - Felony - $6000/8 min/$5000

Attempted Murder of a Police Officer - Trying to kill a police officer (having intent).- Felony - $10000/10 min/$7500

First Degree Murder – Unlawful killing of another with intent to carry out the killing- Felony - $7000/10 min/$7000

First Degree Murder of a Police Officer - Unlawful Killing of a police officer with intent to carry out the killing. - Felony - $10000-15000/15 min/$15000

Traffic Violations:

Reckless Driving - Driving against the flow of traffic, hitting parked cars, hitting poles. - Misdemeanor - $800/2 mins/$400

Hit and Run - Striking another drivers vehicle and fleeing the scene. - Felony - $800

Eluding - Fleeing from Officers- Felony - $3000/5 mins/$1500

Air Eluding - Fleeing from Officers in an aircraft - Felony 5000/10mins/5000

Water Eluding - Fleeing from Officers via the sea - Felony

Grand Theft Auto - Taking a vehicle from another person. - Misdemeanor - $1500-2000/2 min /$1500

Carjacking - Taking a vehicle by force, threats, or intimidation. - Felony - $3000-3500/4 min/$3000

Weapons and Drugs Violations:

Illegal Purchase of Weapons or Drugs - This is soliciting to buy or selling weapons or drugs. The only way to sell weapons legally is through a business (store). - Misdemeanor - $1000/2 mins/$500

Illegal Sale of Weapons or Drugs - Selling illegal weapons or drugs to individuals. - Misdemeanor - $2500/5/$2000

Posession With Intent to Supply - Conspiring to sell drugs or weapons - Misdemeanor - $3000/2/$1500

Possession of Materials - Having materials on your person. - Misdemeanor - $1000/2 mins/$500

Flourishing a Weapon - Having a weapon out in public. - Misdemeanor - $1000/2 mins/$500

Possession of a Controlled Substance - Having drugs on your person. - Misdemeanor - $400/2 mins/$200

Illegal Discharge of a Firearm - Firing a weapon inside or outside of a building when in the city. - Misdemeanor- $1000/3 mins/$500

Possession of an Illegal Weapon - Having in possession any weapon. - Misdemeanor - $2500-3500/4 min/$3000

Aerial Violations:

Flying Below Skyline - Flying a plane or helicopter in the city limits below building level unless Law Enforcement or News. - Misdemeanor - $500/2 mins/$250

Public Endangerment - Landing a plane or helicopter in the city, or flying near people. - Misdemeanor - $600/2 mins/$200

Illegal Hat - Wearing any hat in the San Andreas area - Misdemeanor Class A - $1000/1 mins/$3000

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