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LSPD Manual

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LSPD Manual

-To The Public
-To Applicants
-To Cadets
-To Officers
-Crimes & Punishments -


The LSPD Manual is both a resource for the public and for officers. Each section directed at a specific player base within the server, it will hopefully contain all a person reading it needs to know about the LSPD. This guide is written out of character, of course.

To The Public

The LSPD is the frontline force on the server against criminals and cock smiths and if you’re any of the above, chances are we’ll be taking your ass to jail or shooting you in the face at some point in your time on the server. We’re here to enforce the laws and if you break them, you’ll be meeting with us. That said, we’re also here to help. Although we may not always be able to, if you see a cop feel free to query him on any general questions you have and he’ll do his best to answer or refer you to someone who can. This section will, in short, give you info on how to get the most out of the LSPD and what to expect when you’re around an officer.

Calling 911

This is your fastest and most direct link to the entire LSPD. If you’re in trouble or have witnessed a serious crime taking place, /call 911. Do not call 911 for trivial things [my car has ran out of fuel and I am stranded] or as a joke – this is a criminal offense. Below is exactly what happens when you call 911:

As soon as you say ‘police’ for the service you require, a red map marker will be placed on your current location. From this point, officers may be responding to your call.

You will then be asked for a description of the crime. Try to be as informative as possible. Useful info includes: if the criminals are armed and if so, with what; where the criminals are going; what vehicle they’re traveling in etc Until we get to your location, this is the only information officers will be able to go on.

The last step is giving the name of the criminal. This is not 100% necessary but is useful. When this step is completed, the 911 call will be over and it will be displayed on the screens [chat box, a different color] that are online.

We try to respond to every 911 call. If you can, stay in the spot you made it from. That’s where the marker is and that’s where the officer will go – he may wish to ask you a few questions.

Encountering the Police

This section will detail the most common things cops will do when trying to deal with situations and what you can do to make yours and the officer’s time easier.

The most important is don’t fucking run away. As soon as you run, you get at least one additional charge on you. I’ve seen simple traffic stops or even just wanting to ask one guy a question turn into drawn out chases that ended in jail for the guy who ran. We’re here to RP and it’s nice when you guys return the favour and we’ll often end up letting you off with a ticket for an otherwise jailable offense. If you stop, that is. When you are stopped, follow the instructions of the officer.

“omg wtf I’ve been tazed” – If you’ve not committed any crime, the chances are this was an accident. The way the /tazer command is set up is that it tazes the closest person to the officer. If the closest person is you, you’ll get tazed so don’t take it personal.

“omgwtf I’ve been detained” – Being detained and put in the back of a cop car is not the same as being arrested. Sometimes officers put people in the back to get them out the way or just to keep them safe. If you have been detained, just wait till the officer comes back and ask him what for.

“omgwtf why can’t the officer do anything?” – We can only pull people over if we see that they have done something suspicious and we can only act on the evidence of our eyes or the /mdc. If someone, for example, has stolen your car the only thing we can do is follow them for a bit and pull them over. If they have previous crimes listed on the mdc then we can take them in for those.

“omgwtf I was only helping!” – Although we appreciate the fact you’re helping the cops, a lot of the time you just get in the way. If you’re trying to help us in a car chase you’re just another civilian car we need to avoid. If you’re trying to shoot a suspect we’re shooting, you’re just another civilian with a gun we need to worry about. Best thing is to get down or get out of the area.

Complaints (“omg wtf fag corrupt cop”)

If a cop is a dick face in the game and arrests you/does whatever when he shouldn’t, that is in character. Therefore deal with it in character – there’s a specific forum on here for complaints. Use it and follow the instructions given. If you have a problem with me [Max Lion], submit a complaint too. You will receive a reasoned response.

To Applicants

This will be a short section designed to tell applicants or prospective applicants how they can increase their chances at getting on the force. Applicants should read the entire manual.

-Communication. IF U TYPE LIEK THIS UR NOT GETNG IN!!!11!1 I’m sorry, but officers of the LSPD are required to communicate with the general public on the server in a clear and concise manner. I know that not everybody can spell well and that’s fine, but you can at least not sound like a retard.

-Interaction. Reporting crimes, being a good citizen and generally interacting with the police are good ways to get yourself noticed. Posting on the server forums is always good. Get on vent too.

-Don’t piss us off. This includes smsing/calling us every 5 seconds brown nosing for a reference or a ride along. Us noticing you is all good, just .make sure you post that you've read this on your app thread. make sure it’s not in a bad light. It also includes committing any crimes whilst your application is being considered and generally being a cocksmith.

Ride Along Procedure

These are probably among the best ways to get the reference. Below are the rules you’ll need to follow when trying to get and being on a ride along.

1. Ask the officer once. If he says he’ll get back to you, he probably will. If an officer says he is busy then he is either busy or can’t be arsed giving you a ride along. Best times to ask are when the server is quiet. Cadets can also give you a ride along, but an officer is preferred.

2. Do what the officer tells you. This will normally be ‘stay in the car’ and ‘don’t get involved’. But if you’re in that officer’s car, you do what he says.

3. Please don’t do anything illegal on the ride along. This includes turning up with an AK or other illegal weapon.

4. Ride Alongs are in character. The officer may stop and chat to you for a bit. Feel free to ask questions along the way too.

To Cadets

You’ve made it past the application process which implies we think you’re up to the job of eventually becoming a full fledged officer. This section will detail the rules you have to follow as a Cadet and an Officer and will also outline exactly what will happen when you spawn for the first time in the PD.

Rules & Regulations

OOC [do not break these or I’ll shit on your head]

1. ROLEPLAY. This is a role playing server, after all. Section on role play guidelines later.
2. Only use /tazer if the suspect is non complain, if the suspect is attacking you with a melee weapon or if the suspect is fleeing. If someone is shooting you, shoot back or run away. Chicken running up to someone and tazing them is very, very gamey.
3. Ventrillo names and forum names must be your game name also. If they aren’t [forum name], contact me and I can change it.
4. If you’ve been a gigantic penis to someone [playing a corrupt cop or just by the way events have turned] be absolutely sure to /sms or /call them and explain OOC what happened. Saves me reading an OMGFAGCOP complaint.
5. If a criminal actually bothers to roleplay with you, go easier on him.
6. Do not pull someone over just because you see them on the most wanted list or mdc. You need a credible reason beyond this.
7. Cadets are restricted to the light blue skins. Officers to the darker blue skins [there are a few of them with different faces you can choose].


8. Act in a professional manner at all times. As officers, we set an example to the civilian population.
9. Obey the force continuum at all times. This includes use of SWAT gear.
10. Adhere to the vehicle guidelines unless in the case of exceptional circumstances.
11. Drive carefully and set an example. If you cause an accident, make sure to apologise to the other driver.

Force Continuum

The general rule here is ‘equal or lesser force’. NEVER shoot a running suspect, even if he has previously opened fire on you. The list is set out criminal – officer.

Fleeing suspect [aggressive or not] - Tazer
Hands – Hands/Tazer
Blunt Weapon – Baton/Tazer/Mace
Firearm/Knife/Vehicle – Firearm/Vehicle/Mace [Lethal Force]


Now you’re good to go onto training. This will be conducted by an experienced officer on a one to one basis and will last approximately one hour. This section will give you an idea of what to expect.

You will spawn in the garage where the officer assigned to you will be waiting. After introductions, you’ll be taken to the armoury which can be entered by typing /enter on the ‘I’ – this costs $500 so make sure you have the cash. Inside, run around and pick up the shotguns, pistols and armour from the room. To get out again, run back to the door and type /exit. Then you’ll make your way above ground and will hop in a patrol car to drive to the front of the station. Follow your officer inside the station and take the first on the right after the lobby to the locker room. This is where you’ll go on duty, so get yourself in the middle of the lockers and type /duty. Without being on duty, you’re very limited in what you can do and a lot of essential cop functions are disabled. It is imperative you always go on duty when you spawn in but if you forget it’s no big deal – we’ve all done it.

At this point, you’ll get back into the patrol car and the officer will go over the various law enforcement /commands with you. There are quite a few, but they’re easy to memorise and you’ll be using them a lot. It saves time if you know them beforehand, so here they are:

/r – This is the police only radio. Used for general chatter [vent is used for dispatch/important messages] and making fun of the FBI.

/d – This is the Departmental channel and goes to all law enforcement agencies – LSPD, FBI and NG. In normal circumstances, we do not associate with the FBI so this is mainly an emergency channel or is used for coordinating joint operations. If you see an urgent help request on this channel, answer it.

/m – When in a vehicle, you can use the megaphone to send a message to a wide area around you. Use this for traffic stops or in crowd control situations.

/wanted – This will display the names and wanted levels of the most wanted people on the server.

/mdc – Your mobile data computer will list any complaints or actual charges against a person.

/su – One of the more well used commands. This will add a wanted level onto someone. You must use a crime from the list when /suing someone. You must also /su someone at the soonest possible moment after they've committed a crime.

/tazer – Put this on a macro if you do not want to download the preset hotkeys. This freezes someone in place for a few seconds allowing you to cuff them. It tazes the closest person to you.

/cuff – This will cuff a person who is tazed for a total of 3 minutes allowing you to bring a car up to detain them.

/frisk – This will reveal any illegal materials or other substances people have.

/take – Weapons, materials, drugs. This removes whatever you specified from that person.

/detain – This will put someone in the back seat of the last car you drove [provided you’re close to it]. From this state, you’ve 5 minutes to drive the criminal to the station and arrest them.

/arrest – Arrests someone. You must be on the arrest point in the station to do this.

/help – This’ll detail all the commands you’ve used. Some I have missed out from here as they’re not too essential. For individual help on a command, type it without any input. For example: /detain will give you help on the /detain command.

When you’ve gone over the commands, your officer will take you out on the streets to hunt down some criminals. He’ll show you how to drive as an officer, good patrol spots for you to go to, and the general way of the street. At some point, you’ll meet your first ass hat. Follow the lead of your officer.


Training is defined as at least the first hour you spend with the officer assigned to you in which you learn basic procedures and commands associated with being a Law Enforcement Officer. However ‘training’ will probably last until you are promoted to an Officer. Whilst a cadet, you must ride with [in order of preference]:

1. An officer if one is online. However, in cases of 3:1 cadet:officer ratios, the two most experienced cadets can ride together whilst the least experienced one rides with the officer. If another officer comes in, the 2 lone cadets must immediately go and ride with him.
2. If no officers are online, you ride with another cadet.
3. If no-one else is online, ride alone or log off.


Your assessment period lasts one week. After this week is up, a thread will be posted in LSPD Private for all officers to post in and depending on what is posted you'll either be given another week, promoted or fired.

To Officers

This section will deal with officer specific stuff including the SWAT command, vehicle lists etc


Baton – Pretty useless in ‘real’ situations however it is good fun to hit minority groups with.

Mace – Again, not amazingly useful.

Tazer – Probably the most useful tool in the arsenal, essential to catch running suspects. MACRO THIS if you macro nothing else.

Desert Eagle – A step up from the fairly pants 9mm, this thing actually packs a fair punch. Standard issue.

Shotgun – A good weapon to have on show, very intimidating. Quite powerful too although hampered by the fact it’s pump action.

MP5 – SWAT only for now. Used for disabling of vehicles in high risk chases. It’s not bad on foot, but the damage on it isn’t too hot.

M4 – SWAT only for now also. Very effective weapon with good range, accuracy and damage. Primary weapon for SWAT when deployed on the ground.

Thermal Googles - Infrared thermal googles issued only to SWAT Officers and above.


Cruiser – Excellent all round vehicle. Learn to drive this as it’s what you’ll be in most of the time. Almost impossible to crash or lose control, very respectable top speed and fairly robust.

Rancher – Our equivalent of the FBI Rancher. Although it isn’t too fast, it’s very robust and excellent cross country. Use this primarily as a chase and ramming vehicle. Limited seat capacity [only 2].

SWAT Vehicle – 2 seater armoured vehicle. Speed is actually pleasantly fast and it brushes other cars out the way. Used in SWAT deployments and blockade breaking. SWAT only.

Mr. Splashy – 2 seater armoured vehicle with a mounted high pressure hose. This is used for dispersing large crowds of people with its non-lethal water jet. Also used to support SWAT deployments. Officer only. Mr. Splashy gets angry if he is abused – so don’t do it. I will shit on your forehead.

Helicopters - Officers can use these after they've passed a short 'certification' in which they demonstrate they can fly without barbecuing the occupants of the chopper. Contact me for details.

MFP - Buffalos for high speed pursuit. Only driven by MFP Drivers and above, and only in the MFp Division.

SWAT Guidelines

The /swat command in the locker room gives authorized Officers instant access to high grade weapons. Prerequisites for SWAT use are as follows:

-Armed, dangerous and organized criminals that are likely or have engaged standard patrol officers in their line of duty.

-‘Officer Down’ situations.

-Hostage situations.

-Other incidents where suspects are expected to be armed beyond the means of standard patrol officers to deal with them.

Going SWAT does not give you a license to kill everything – obey the force continuum. This section will be filled out in more detail when SWAT is formalized.

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