LSPD Recruitment (Read this before applying)

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LSPD Recruitment (Read this before applying)

Post  Gome on Sun Jan 10, 2010 9:23 pm

Recruitment is: OPEN

Hello. This post will give you the guidelines on applying to the Guard. Applying is done in several stages, here they are:

1. Application

This is the basic screening process that lets us know you can spell and aren't a complete idiot. To apply, title a post in this forum with your in game name and in the post fill out this form:


[u][b]IC Information[/b][/u]

[b]Full Name:[/b]


[b]Current Employment:[/b]

[b]Previous Criminal Record:[/b]

[b]Education (( Be Unique )):[/b]

[b]Why would you make a good police officer?[/b]

[b]In your opinion, why do you think you would be an asset to the LSPD:[/b]

[u][b]OOC Information[/b][/u]

[b]Character Level:[/b]

[b]SA:MP Experience:[/b]

[b]Gang Experience [gangs, time played etc]:[/b]

[b]Time zone: [/b]

[b]Hours online weekdays:[/b]

[b]Hours online weekends:[/b]

[b]Do you have ventrilo with a working microphone?[/b]

[b]Will this account be your main character?[/b]

[b]Have you read and fully understood the manual and the application process? [/b]

[b]List all previous characters and alts[/b]

[b]Other Comments:[/b]

How much or little you write is up to you but all fields must be filled in. Write what you think shows that you're good enough to get into the Guard. After you post your application, 3 things can happen:

1. You are accepted and proceed to the next stage in recruitment.
2. You are told to redo or modify your application.
3. You are denied.

2. Ridealongs

If your application is accepted, you'll move along to the ridealong stage. To get a one, SMS an officer explaining you're an applicant who has been moved onto ridealongs and ask if he can give you one. If he doesn't have time he'll probably ask any other officers if they have the time. If no-one has time, do something else for a while before checking again. It is counter productive to phone, hang outside PD or constantly harass officers.

An actual ridealong will be you driving around with an officer whilst he has a chat with you (probably both IC and OOC). The aim of a ridealong is to get to know you so we can see if you're suitable for joining. You need a minimum of 3 to get moved onto the next stage of the application process. Sometimes the person in charge of recruitment will tell you to get more than 3. If the opinions of the officers you rode with are good then you will be moved onto the next stage:

3. Interview

The interview is where you meet with higher ranking members of the Guard in a more "formal" setting. If any concerns or weaknesses were raised in your application or ridealong then you'll be grilled on them here however it is possible for the interview to be a 2 minute 'ok you're hired good job let's get you trained'. If you are successful in the interview, you'll be made a recruit.

4. Recruit

When you are accepted, you'll be given PD forum access. Use this time to read the stickied rules/procedures thread in the PD forums and to get your keybinds sorted out. Once you have read this, you'll be ready to actually be hired in game. When you're hired, you'll be put through training and then onto a maximum 2 week evaluation period. After the first week of being in the PD you may be promoted to officer if the opinions of the rest of the Guard are good. If you don't make the first week promotion [most people should, having a second week means you were either never online or people aren't sure about you] then after 2 weeks if you have improved and are ready for promotion then you will be made a Guard. If you're still not ready after 2 weeks then you will be fired [if some gay shit happened like your computer exploded or you went on holiday, this period can be extended or moved].

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