How to make a gang

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How to make a gang

Post  Gome on Sun Jan 10, 2010 8:19 pm

If you want to make your own gang, this is what you need to do.

1. Have $100,000 for the creation fee.
2. Have at least 6 members.
3. The leader must be level 2 or higher.

Once all the above requirements have been meet, you would post in this forum ((Not in this topic, make your own)).

[b]Gang Name[/b]:
[b]Gang Description:[/b] [i]IC paragraph describing the gang. Where you came from, 'style' etc General information plus a short history.[/i]
[b]Why?[/b]: [i]OOC or both OOC and IC - Why you should be a gang leader. How established you/your gang and your gang members are on the server, etc[/i]


In game name/forum name


[b]Desired Skins[/b]
[i]You can get skins from any of these sites[/i]

Once you are accepted, you will be put on a 5 day trial to see if you will be accepted as a faction. Once you have been an official faction for 2 weeks you can apply to buy gang cars and gang HQ interiors. Before you apply for a gang HQ interior or gang cars you can apply for a quote, that looks something like this.

[u][b]Gang Cars[/b][/u]
We, (Insert family name) would like to apply for these gang cars.

[Car Name] - [Car ID] - [Car Color 1] - [Car Color 2]

[i]You can have a maximum of 5 cars[/i]

[u][b]Gang HQ Interior[/b][/u]
We, (Insert family name) would like to apply for this gang HQ interior

Once I, or any other administrators, have looked over your quote we will reply with the price amount for every single car and the gang HQ interior.

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