F.B.I Recruitment

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F.B.I Recruitment

Post  Gome on Sun Jan 10, 2010 9:50 pm


- The applicant has to be a Law enforcer, at the moment of applying
- The applicant has to have a minimum status of rank 3 within their organization
- The applicant has to be part of the current law enforcement organization for over 3 years ((months))
- The applicant must be living in San Andreas for over 3 years ((level 3))



First name:

Middle name:

Last name:

Date of birth:


Phone number:

Past employment:

Background check: ((SS of stats))

Why do you wish to join the Federal Bureau of Investigations:

Why should the F.B.I accept you:


Are you over the age of 13:

In what country do you live:

Time zone:

Do you have Ventrillo and a working mic:


Federal Bureau of Investigation (( You must have at least 2 Agents recommending you, they must be at the rank of 3+ in the FBI. ))

Los Santos Police Department (( You must have at least 2 recommendations from the LSPD in this format. No Officers or Cadets are allowed to recommend))

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